Making 95% UFOs into FOs

I’ve been in a process of finishing 95% UFOs. Glad to announce that I’m almost there: I have three items crossed off the to-do list.

In August 2008 I started knitting these wrist warmers. Found a “fake cable”, which requires no cable needle, in a pattern book and adapted it.

First made wrist warmers for myself.

wrist warmers of Novita Luxus Wind

The wrist part was easy, but making the triangle was a bit more complicated. The hardest part, though, was to make a ring around the middle finger exactly the right size. (It took me about a year to complete this minor detail in a satisfying manner.)

wrist warmers of Novita Luxus Wind

Yarn Novita Luxus Wind, soft and comfy – loved knitting it! Needle size 4 mm. Casting on the stitches required three needles to make it strechy enough.

wrist warmers of Novita Wool (merino wool)

Second pair of the same pattern: wrist warmers for a kid. Yarn Novita Wool, needle size was probably 3 mm.


Another UFO that has been lingering on a long time. I made a headband following loosely the pattern of Headband in Alaska by Garnstudio.

headband of Novita Nalle

The yarn is Novita Nalle in two colours, pink and dark blue. Picked the colours to match my coat. Knitted the headband in February 2009 into 95% shape, and the buried it in my “almost-there” basket.

I was quite sure this would turn into a complete disaster just like any other headband I’ve made. Wearing glasses make most of the headbands, caps and other garments fit poorly. To my surprise, this was quite comfy and nice fitting. Might have to make another one to match other coats.

headband of Novita Nalle

Lace in my colors

I have quite a lot of Novita Nalle in my stash, because it’s inexpensive and available. Over the years there has been a number of beautiful colours there, especially in Novita Nalle Colori. The colour I used in the following items is definitely my favourite, a mix of pink and grey and white.

Halfway through August I saw these socks in Knitty. I’m not a fan of socks and sock knitting, but these Sunday Swing socks (pattern by Kristel Nyberg) looked so fabulous I wanted to knit them.

Picked out some Nalle Colori from my stash and needles of 3,5 mm. My yarn is thicker than in the model, so I needed to do some recalculating.

Sunday Swing socks

Here are the modifications I made:

48 stitches -> lace pattern 2 stitches smaller than the smallest one in the pattern: 2st row k4 2tog k6 yo.

Heel flap 24 rows -> 12 picked up stitches from the side.

Heel turn -> 1st row instead of k16 knitted k12 (sl1, k12, SSK, k1 -> left 8 stitches unknit, and on 2nd row placed the 2tog accordingly).

Gusset decreases until back to 48 stitches.

On foot the lace pattern was repeated 4 times (including gusset decrease rounds).

Toe decreases every second round until 8 stitches per needle, then decreases on every round until 2 stitches per needle (the same as in the smallest size in the pattern).

The sock fits nicely in my foot, though perhaps the toe part is just a bit too long.

Sunday Swing socks

I just loved the pattern and knitting it! Knitting took me a couple of days, but getting rid of the ends of yarn… well, I did that last night. I’m sure these socks would look better if I blocked them, but hey, these are just socks. I’m not into knitting them and I’m definitely not into blocking them. I’ll just wear them as they are.


There was still quite a lot of yarn left of the first skein, so I thought I might make some wrist warmers. These colours suit perfectly to my light coat of old rose.

I decided to continue knitting with Kristel’s patterns, this time in Finnish from Ulla 02/06: Haruha wrist warmers.

Haruha wrist warmers

Knitted with 3 mm needles, as instructed in the pattern. These turned out quite nice, even though I had to make the first few rows of the first wrist warmer at least five times before I got it going. Should have not started them when listening to a lecture.

Haruha wrist warmers

I still have about 900 g of this yarn. The plan is to knit a sweater for myself. One can never have too many sweaters that are pinkish and greyish and whitish.