95% syndrome

I have a 95% syndrome. You can see it in my Ravelry account: nothing ever gets finished, they are all stuck at 95%.

I declare the projects 95% ready, when I’ve finished knitting, but I haven’t weaved in the ends. Once the ends are weaved (and preferably also the item has been soaked and dried) I’m ready call them 100% ready.

Apparently once in a blue moon.


At the moment there are eight projects at 95%:

  • Sagittaria, which was otherwise ready a year ago
  • two pairs of wrist warmers, which I knitted last autumn
  • a headband made last spring
  • a summer pullover, which I started a couple of years ago and got to this point at the end of this summer
  • Vaapukka tunic for a kid, started at the end of July 2009 and finished a few weeks later – this one has even been soaked, but it’s just a pain to weave in the ends
  • Sunday Swing socks, knitted in August
  • Haruha wrist warmers, knitted in August
  • Clapotis, which I’ve just finished knitting

I really really really need to start finishing these off.