Up to knee and above


Felt like knitting some over-knee socks, toe-up, and Novita Tico Tico (75% wool, 25% nylon, 2.5 mm needles) seemed like a nice yarn to knit them of.


I started off with purple ones in January 2011 (Ravelry link). Knitting, as usual, was fun, but having to try them on to figure out the perfect shape made the process a bit slow.

What really slowed me down was knitting the second sock with all increases. I had written notes in Ravelry, though, but by the time I got to the calf increases, I had forgotten all the increase patterns and had to check my notes all the time.


So I decided that I reallyreallyreally need a second set of bambu needles, so I can knit two socks simultaneously. (I know, magic loop could do the trick, too, but I prefer knitting socks with sock needles.)

For the second pair of over-knee socks (Ravelry link) I also needed a second ball of yarn, but that was from a different dye lot. Therefore I didn’t try to match the stripes, I just casted on from the beginning of the yarn.


When I was a kid, I knitted myself a pair of knee socks with cables on the side. Found some sock yarn (Novita Tuomas, 40% wool, 35% nylon, 25% polyamid) in the local shop and decided to knit socks as high as they’d come. This simple cabletwist on both sides wasn’t the best choise of patterns, but it gave me something to keep myself on the track while knitting (Ravelry link).

The yarn was rather harsh on my hands, but I assume the yarn was made for heavy-use socks. Well, come to think of it, my use at home seems to be heavy-use, concidering the number of socks that I have worn out just by using them at home indoors.

This sums up my knee sock projects of 2011 (pair 1) and the first half of 2012 (pairs 2 & 3). Come to think of it, these might cover the second half of 2012, too.


Shades of grey

Busy doesn’t even begin to describe the last year or so. But I haven’t been too busy to knit a stitch, sew a bit or make a piece of jewellery every now and then again – I’ve just been way too busy to turn them into blogged items.

So here are a few items that were finished January last year. Yes, last year, January 2011. Better late etc.

Yoga socks

My first ever yoga socks (Ravelry link), not for yoga though but dancing. Improvised them with 3k, 1p ribbing and 56 stitches of an old skein of Nalle Colori (75% wool, 25% nylon). A nice, quick and easy project – ought to make a pile of these.

Hyrrä beret

A second Hyrrä-beret (Ravelry link). Knitted my first one of nice and soft yarn, so it was a bit floppy. This second one keeps its shape better, but it’s not as comfy – win some, loose some.

Second Hyrrä was made of Nalle (75% wool, 25% nylon) with 4 mm needles, and it’s a bit smaller than the first one.

Fits like glove

My favourite pair of mittens ever: called them Fits like glove (Ravelry link), and that’s what they do. Had some left-over alpaca yarn, and decided to knit light but warm mittens to be worn under another pair.

Fits like glove

These mittens were improvised as I knitted on, shaping them to fit my hand. The ribbing was 2ktbl, 1p to keep it nice and stretchy, and the rest was just plain stockinette with 3 mm needles.

With these alpaca mittens and any pair of regular woollen mittens my hands were safe and sound with any kind of cold weather. Alpaca really does the trick!

First timer

I knitted socks. Well, I’ve done that before, so it’s no big deal.

But these socks were knitted of a sock yarn of fingering weight. That is, light yarn that had to be knitted with 2,5 mm needles. Never done that before (but definitely will do it again!).

Ticotico socks

But that’s not all. These were also my Very First Socks Knitted Toe-Up (Ravelry link). Never done that before (but no doubt will do it again!).

Ticotico socks

Knitting yarn like this (Novita Tico Tico, 75% wool, 25% nylon) was nice. Beforehand, I thought knitting would take forever and a day, but it didn’t. Well, it took me week or so to finish these, but I had a number of other on-going knitting projects, too.

Knitting toe-up was fun. I had a couple of patterns to give me an idea of the process, but mostly I had to improvise to find the right amount of stitches and rows to make a sock of a right size for kid.

The first attempt on increases made the sock way too wide; for the first time I was late making the heel, and the sock was turning to be big enough for me. Otherwise, yey!

Ticotico socks

Having a closer look at these socks, they are no beauties. But hey, it was my first attempt on toe-up socks of fingering weight. The next ones (already casted on) will be more beautiful.

Lace in my colors

I have quite a lot of Novita Nalle in my stash, because it’s inexpensive and available. Over the years there has been a number of beautiful colours there, especially in Novita Nalle Colori. The colour I used in the following items is definitely my favourite, a mix of pink and grey and white.

Halfway through August I saw these socks in Knitty. I’m not a fan of socks and sock knitting, but these Sunday Swing socks (pattern by Kristel Nyberg) looked so fabulous I wanted to knit them.

Picked out some Nalle Colori from my stash and needles of 3,5 mm. My yarn is thicker than in the model, so I needed to do some recalculating.

Sunday Swing socks

Here are the modifications I made:

48 stitches -> lace pattern 2 stitches smaller than the smallest one in the pattern: 2st row k4 2tog k6 yo.

Heel flap 24 rows -> 12 picked up stitches from the side.

Heel turn -> 1st row instead of k16 knitted k12 (sl1, k12, SSK, k1 -> left 8 stitches unknit, and on 2nd row placed the 2tog accordingly).

Gusset decreases until back to 48 stitches.

On foot the lace pattern was repeated 4 times (including gusset decrease rounds).

Toe decreases every second round until 8 stitches per needle, then decreases on every round until 2 stitches per needle (the same as in the smallest size in the pattern).

The sock fits nicely in my foot, though perhaps the toe part is just a bit too long.

Sunday Swing socks

I just loved the pattern and knitting it! Knitting took me a couple of days, but getting rid of the ends of yarn… well, I did that last night. I’m sure these socks would look better if I blocked them, but hey, these are just socks. I’m not into knitting them and I’m definitely not into blocking them. I’ll just wear them as they are.


There was still quite a lot of yarn left of the first skein, so I thought I might make some wrist warmers. These colours suit perfectly to my light coat of old rose.

I decided to continue knitting with Kristel’s patterns, this time in Finnish from Ulla 02/06: Haruha wrist warmers.

Haruha wrist warmers

Knitted with 3 mm needles, as instructed in the pattern. These turned out quite nice, even though I had to make the first few rows of the first wrist warmer at least five times before I got it going. Should have not started them when listening to a lecture.

Haruha wrist warmers

I still have about 900 g of this yarn. The plan is to knit a sweater for myself. One can never have too many sweaters that are pinkish and greyish and whitish.