Super Simple Scarf (pattern)

Last year, I knitted a super simple scarf. A number of people complemented on it, and kept on asking for a pattern. Though this one is super simple, I promised to write them a pattern for it. So here you are: Super Simple Scarf. And because this is a super simple scarf, it’s also a super simple pattern: I’ve also omitted all the abbreviations.

Addition: You can also find this pattern in Ravelry (though at the moment it links back to this blog). Thinking about turning this into a pdf, too.

Super Simple Scarf

Super Simple Scarf

Yarn used Madame Tricote Dora Sim, 93% acrylic, 7% Sim-metallic (250 m/100 g, suggested needle size 3–3,5 mm), finished scarf took up 138 grams of yarn
Needles 5,5 mm (I prefer circulars)
Gauge stockinette stitch 16 stitches and 23 rows/10 cm

Please note that this pattern goes with any yarn and the size of the scarf is easily adjustable, and the amount of yarn needed is relative to yarn chosen and the size wanted. This scarf is best when soft, so choose your needles big enough (I suggest trying out needles a lot bigger than the suggested needle size for your chosen yarn is).

Cast on 5 stitches. Knit all stitches, including the first and the last stitch. Turn the scarf. Knit the first stitch, purl the rest, except knit the last one. Turn again.

Now begin the super simple pattern:
1) On the right side, always knit the first two stitches, yarn over, knit until two stitches remain, yarn over, knit the last two stitches.
2) On the wrong side, knit the first stitch, then purl until one stitch remains, and knit that last stitch.

That is, the width of the scarf is increased by two stitches on every right side, and in between the increases, there’s always an uneven number of stitches.

Repeat these two rows until the scarf is approximately 2 cm shorter than the finished scarf. Mine was about 70 cm when I began the final rows.

Super Simple Scarf

Final rows:
On the right side, knit the first two stitches, yarn over, repeat knit 2 together and yarn over until three stitches remain, knit 1 stitch, yarn over, and knit the final two stitches.
On the wrong side, knit the first stitch, purl until 1 stitch remains, and knit the last stitch.

Cast off loosely in you preferred cast off method. Weave in the ends of the yarns, and block the scarf. Since my scarf was to wear for training, I never blocked it, and therefore it keeps rolling.

Super Simple Scarf

There you go – this was a super simple scarf, wasn’t it?

Super Simple Scarf

Ja sama suomeksi:

Supersimppeli huivi

käytetty lanka Madame Tricote Dora Sim, 93 % akryylia, 7 % Sim-metallic (250 m/100 g, suositeltu puikkokoko 3–3,5 mm), minun huiviini upposi 138 grammaa lankaa
puikot 5,5 mm (suosin pyöröpuikkoja)
tiheys sileää neuletta 16 silmukkaa ja 23 kerrosta/10 cm

Huomaathan, että tämän mallin voi kutoa millä langalla tahansa, ja huivin kokoa voi helposti säädellä haluamakseen – tämä luonnollisesti vaikuttaa langan menekkiin. Valitse puikkokoko siten, että saat mieleistäsi jälkeä. Tämä malli on parhaimmillaan, kun huivi on pehmeä, joten kannattaa kokeilla reilusti suurempaa puikkokokoa kuin langan suosituksena on.

Luo 5 silmukkaa. Kudo kaikki silmukat oikein, mukaan luettuna ensimmäinen ja viimeinen silmukka. Käännä työ. Kudo ensimmäinen silmukka oikein, kaikki muut nurin paitsi kerroksen viimeinen silmukka jälleen oikein. Käännä jälleen.

Aloita supersimppeli mallikerta:
1) Oikealla puolella kudo aina kaksi ensimmäistä silmukkaa oikein, tee langankierto, kudo silmukat oikein, kunnes puikolla on enää kaksi silmukkaa, tee langankierto ja kudo viimeiset kaksi silmukkaa oikein.
2) Nurjalla puolella kudo ensimmäinen silmukka oikein, sen jälkeen kaikki nurin paitsi viimeistä silmukkaa, joka kudotaan jälleen oikein.

Toisin sanoen huivi levenee kahdella silmukalla jokaisella oikean puolen kerroksella, ja langankiertojen välissä on aina pariton määrä silmukoita.

Toista näitä kahta kerrosta, kunnes huivi on noin 2 cm lyhyempi kuin valmiina. Oma huivini oli tässä kohti noin 70 cm kärjestä mitattuna.

Super Simple Scarf

Viimeiset kerrokset:
Oikealla puolella kudo oikein kaksi ensimmäistä silmukkaa, tee langankierto. Tämän jälkeen toista 2 yhteen ja langankierto -yhdistelmää, kunnes jäljellä on kolme silmukkaa. Kudo 1 silmukka oikein, tee langankierto ja kudo viimeiset kaksi silmukkaa oikein.
Nurjalla puolella kudo ensimmäinen silmukka oikein, sen jälkeen kaikki nurin paitsi viimeinen silmukka, joka kudotaan jälleen oikein.

Päättele löysästi mieleiselläsi päättelytekniikalla. Päättele langanpäät, kastele ja pingota huivi. Omaa huiviani ei ole pingotettu, koska se tehtiin harjoitteluhuiviksi. Tämän vuoksi huivini reunat tuppaavat rullautumaan.

Kuten todettua, tämä on supersimppeli huivi.

Super Simple Scarf

Quick(ish) items

Presenting a couple of items which have been my knit-these-if-you-have-no-inspiration-to-knit-anything-else projects. Theoretically quick(ish), but slow in my manner.

legwarmers for kid

Legwarmers (Ravelry link) of Novita Polku, needles 3 mm. Simple legwarmers with k2,p1 ribbing.

The legwarmers are nice and soft, but the yarn is no pleasure to knit. Well, been there, tried that. Used 55 grams of yarn for these legwarmers, so I have almost half a skein to use up (plus another skein of different colourway).

legwarmers for kid


baktus in wine

I have knitted one Baktus scarf before (my first Baktus). It was an easy and fun project to use up random balls of yarn, so I decided to do it again.

I had a 50-gram ball plus scraps of an old Novita Bella yarn (50% acrylic, 50% wool). It turned into a nice small scarf (Ravelry link).

Needle 5 mm, used moss stitch instead of garter stitch, 57 grams altogether.

baktus in wine

I thought I knitted this Baktus for me, but there were many of those who volunteered to take this one into a good use. We’ll see who ends up wearing it in a few months.

baktus in wine

Coming up next: a streight flush in pink pullovers.

Alpaca Clapotis, soft as a dream

I believe that half of the knitting world has knitted a Clapotis by now. Well, now I can join them, too.

I started this scarf at the end of August. I thought the pattern would make a great knitting for lectures. And so it did: it rather simple to follow, yet a bit more interesting than regular scarves due to all increases and decreases. And I love the rows of dropped stitches!


My Clapotis was made of Novita Luxus Alpaca. Thought that four skeins, each 50 grams, would be sufficient, but my estimates on when to start the decrease part at the end of the pattern went a bit wrong and I needed just a bit more yarn to complete it. So now I have an almost full skein of Alpaca.

Needle size suggested for this yarn was 3,5 mm, but I used 4,5 mm needles. The yarn is thinner than the one used in the pattern.


I decided on leaving the scarf unblocked. The finished size of the scarf is about 30 cm wide and from the increased tip to the decreased tip about 200 cm.


I loved knitting Novita Luxus Alpaca. It was so soft and lovely to knit. The only downside to this yarn was the lack of variety in colours: there are only three colours to choose from (off-white, grey and brown).

Well, I have already bought some grey Alpaca, and that is turning into a shawl, too.

Grey Novita Luxus Alpaca and lace


I’ve updated my Ravelry stash and projects today. It’s much more fun to look at the project page now that each project has a photo to it.

And what comes to stash, it actually helps having the photo there. By one look I can easily skim through my stash and remember the skeins that I’ve forgotten on the bottom of my storage. The names of the yarns and colours are too much of a memory jog.

I’m in a process of decreasing the number of UFOs, at least the 95% ready ones. After all, it’s just a few lousy ends of yarn to get rid of. Here’s to hoping I’ll have new FO’s to declare shortly.