I have a few blogs to start with. What’s with having yet one more?

My first blog, Sormiharjoituksia, is a personal blog in Finnish, covering all aspects of life.

Mood Crimson is it’s counterpart, in English. Yet it’s not the same blog in a different language.

Out of my own website, I also have a blog of oriental dance. Ishtar (in Finnish only) is found within the website of national oriental dance association, Seitsemän Hunnun Tanssi (‘Dance of the Seven Veils’), informally known as 7HT.


So what’s with having yet another blog? There seems to be enough going on in my part of blogosphere already.

This blog is dedicated to handicraft, and excluding a few exceptions, the primary language here will be English. I every now and then again write about handicraft in my two personal blogs, too, but I seldom include photos there.

This blog, according to my plans anyway, will be a “proper” handicraft blog, introducing the items with photos. As a result, there will not be regular updates – taking photos, photoshopping them and loading them into internet are more of a serious project than part-time hobby for me.

So I officially declare Cranberries and Cattleyas opened.