Shades of grey

Busy doesn’t even begin to describe the last year or so. But I haven’t been too busy to knit a stitch, sew a bit or make a piece of jewellery every now and then again – I’ve just been way too busy to turn them into blogged items.

So here are a few items that were finished January last year. Yes, last year, January 2011. Better late etc.

Yoga socks

My first ever yoga socks (Ravelry link), not for yoga though but dancing. Improvised them with 3k, 1p ribbing and 56 stitches of an old skein of Nalle Colori (75% wool, 25% nylon). A nice, quick and easy project – ought to make a pile of these.

Hyrrä beret

A second Hyrrä-beret (Ravelry link). Knitted my first one of nice and soft yarn, so it was a bit floppy. This second one keeps its shape better, but it’s not as comfy – win some, loose some.

Second Hyrrä was made of Nalle (75% wool, 25% nylon) with 4 mm needles, and it’s a bit smaller than the first one.

Fits like glove

My favourite pair of mittens ever: called them Fits like glove (Ravelry link), and that’s what they do. Had some left-over alpaca yarn, and decided to knit light but warm mittens to be worn under another pair.

Fits like glove

These mittens were improvised as I knitted on, shaping them to fit my hand. The ribbing was 2ktbl, 1p to keep it nice and stretchy, and the rest was just plain stockinette with 3 mm needles.

With these alpaca mittens and any pair of regular woollen mittens my hands were safe and sound with any kind of cold weather. Alpaca really does the trick!