Karisma mittens and bamboo needles

I’ve never been much of a mitten person, but lately I’ve found myself only wearing two old pairs of mittens on top of each other. Since the inner pair is breaking off and outer mittens don’t really go with my winter coat, I thought it’s time I knitted myself some mittens.

Since my kids developed an sudden enthusiasm towards knitting mittens, too, which means there would be a need for a number of sets of needles, I found this as a great excuse to do some shopping: I bought my first bamboo needles. Now I only wish they made round needles out of bamboo, too, since knitting with bamboo is definitely more enjoyable than with regular needles. I’m converted.

7 Veljestä and bamboo needles

First I was going to knit Musica mittens (Ravelry link), but after trying the pattern out of 7 Veljestä, which I had chosen for the yarn, I realized it would turn out way too big and would need a number of modifications. So I decided to knit Musica mittens of a thinner yarn, and go for some other mitten pattern now.

Karisma mittens

Karisma mittens (Ravelry link) from Ulla had struck my eye, and since the yarn thickness was ok, I casted on.

Karisma mittens

The original pattern had purl on the palm side of the mitten, but I’m no fan of purling, so I decided on knit instead. I also made some extra cable twists at the end of the palm ribbing.

Had I followed the pattern all the way through, the mitten would have turned out way too long for me. So I started the decreases already on the row 13 on the third time of knitting the pattern. Still, the mittens are a bit on the long side, but wearable.

Karisma mittens

Though I’m not a big fan of yarn 7 Veljestä, I’m hoping the combo of 75% wool and 25% nylon will be more durable than wool only. And bamboo needles certainly made the difference in knitting.