First timer

I knitted socks. Well, I’ve done that before, so it’s no big deal.

But these socks were knitted of a sock yarn of fingering weight. That is, light yarn that had to be knitted with 2,5 mm needles. Never done that before (but definitely will do it again!).

Ticotico socks

But that’s not all. These were also my Very First Socks Knitted Toe-Up (Ravelry link). Never done that before (but no doubt will do it again!).

Ticotico socks

Knitting yarn like this (Novita Tico Tico, 75% wool, 25% nylon) was nice. Beforehand, I thought knitting would take forever and a day, but it didn’t. Well, it took me week or so to finish these, but I had a number of other on-going knitting projects, too.

Knitting toe-up was fun. I had a couple of patterns to give me an idea of the process, but mostly I had to improvise to find the right amount of stitches and rows to make a sock of a right size for kid.

The first attempt on increases made the sock way too wide; for the first time I was late making the heel, and the sock was turning to be big enough for me. Otherwise, yey!

Ticotico socks

Having a closer look at these socks, they are no beauties. But hey, it was my first attempt on toe-up socks of fingering weight. The next ones (already casted on) will be more beautiful.