Showstopper Sagittaria

This shawl caught my eye right on. I had never knitted a triangular shawl starting in the middle of the neck, let alone casting the knitting from some crochet stitches. Vilma Vuori‘s Sagittaria was bit of a challenge.

Sagittaria shawl

I found the pattern relatively straight forward, once I got the hang of it. The pattern of the body of the shawl took me a while to figure out, how and where it is repeated. Once I figured out the repeating system, it was fairly quick to knit.

Sagittaria shawl

Wanted to make this shawl in red. Found Novita Wool, 100% wool, in red. There’s just a touch of blue in the colour, and the yarn in actually not as bright as in the photos.

I needed almost 4 skeins, each 50 grams, to finish this shawl. I repeated the second chart eight times instead of seven, that was recommended in the pattern.

Used needle of size 5 mm, but I made the casting off with 7 mm needle to make it loose enough, yet even.

Sagittaria shawl

Blocking this shawl wasn’t all that easy, and I didn’t get the arrow-like edging to stand out arrow-like.

Sagittaria shawl

The shawl was more or less finished by September 14th – of last year. I only had the one yarn used in the casting off to weave in.

Instead of weaving it in, I stopped to wonder, whether the casting off was loose enough or not. And I wondered and wondered and…

Now that I’m in the process of getting rid of the 95% ready items, I finally cut the yarn and weaved it in. And I didn’t give another though on the tightness or looseness of the cast off. So here it finally is: finished Sagittaria.

Sagittaria shawl

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  1. Tosi upean värinen huivi!

    Mun tarvitsis tehdä jo toinen Sagittaria, kun äiti haluaisi myös… Kunpa vain sais niitä lisätunteja!

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