Two FOs on one blow

No, I haven’t done any finishing off. Instead I’ve knitted two new items – and finished them!

I bought my kids some Novita Puro: three skeins of colorway Ruska and another three of colorway Revontuli. Kids are knitting themselves scarves with garter stitch.

I thought I’d make them simple caps. To keep myself interested, I decided to try magic loop for the first time.

I was somewhat disappointed to realize, that there is no magic in magic loop. It’s just simple knitting and making a turn at the end of the stitches. I really thought one needed to do something very difficult to manage magic loop. Well, better this way.

I knitted a cap in a night: first few rows 2k 2p and the rest just stocking. Consulted Brooklyn Tweeds pattern Turn a square to make the decreases, and there it was.

Ruska cap

The only way to make sure these caps didn’t end up in 95% basket, I promised kids they could have the caps for school on Monday. So the night before I weaved in the ends. No time for other finishing off stuff, so they just wear them the way they are.

Revontuli cap

I loved knitting Novita Puro. It’s 100% wool, soft and easy to knit, and 5 mm needles worked just fine for me. Since I’m no fan of all-the-colours-in-the-rainbow-put-together, I will never have any use for this yarn myself. Lucky that my kids are not as picky with colors. But should they ever make a similar yarn with fewer colors, I might just as well be interested.

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