Oldies, part 2: ancient knitting and crochet

Now introducing some cotton.

This pink sweater is very pink, piggish color, I’d say. I’ve taken it into heavy use lately, though it’s nowhere near my favourite shade of pink. Also I’ve not any nice things to say about the shape of this sweater. I definitely do not like the neckline (small O’s not my thing). The sweater is too wide and too short. Sleeves are too short and I so detest the ribbing.

pink sweater

And yet, I’ve worn this a lot lately. It must be the lace pattern I picked up from some knitting book, it looks great.

pink sweater closeup


Let’s have a side step into the world of crochet. I seldom find a reason to crochet, but there are a few crocheted items I’d like to share.

I made this sleeveless tunic some 20 years ago. The pattern in the shirt is actually taken from a crochet curtains, which were popular in 80’s. The shape is very simple, just two rectangulars sewn together. I loved this garment and still do like the idea, though I cannot picture myself wearing it anymore.

At the age of eleven, I think, I crocheted a table cloth as a Mother’s Day present. It was made of rectangulars which had a spiral in them. I liked the pattern so much I wanted to crochet one for myself during the 90’s. I love the cloth, but as expected, it has been out once or twice during these years. I think I had an overdose of crochet table cloths during my childhood.

(photos will come up later)