Oldies, part 1: ancient knitting history

Since I have been practising handicraft since childhood, there are numerous handicrafted entities from the previous years. First I’ll give you a showcase of my ancient history: some knitted items from last century (literally).

Item #1, a thick white sweater from 80’s. Knitted with size 7 or 8 needles, so made quickly. First version of raglans were hidious, and the second version – I think I re-made it in early 90’s – ended up too narrow. Yet, despite of it all, I have worn this sweater so often during the last few years that it’s turning gray.

white sweater

Item #1b, a purple long sweater (or should I call it a tunic?) of the same yarn, knitted halfway through 80’s, I think. This one was missing from my photo session, because it was carefully packed away somewhere.


Item #2, a retro style crochet shawl with fringes. I remember my mom crocheting a number of these in late 70’s or early 80’s. I crocheted mine in early 90’s, and I wasn’t all that sure then whether it was too retro or not, especially with the fringes and all. These days I think it’s cute, though the pale color makes it more of a summer shawl.

crochet shawl

Item #2b, a top of the same yarn. Found the lace pattern of the so-called collar from a magazine, but the rest was improvised. Never ever wore this one, because the V-shape of the hem was so impractical. Haven’t ripped it, either – after all, it’s a sight to see on it’s own.

crochet shawl
crochet shawl


Item #3, black shrug. Well, I knitted it as a short jacket of some kind, but I never wore it as such. It was buried into my closet for years, but lately, within a couple of years, I digged it up and realized it made a perfect shrug. It’s short, I seldom wear it buttoned up and it’s warm and comfy.

black jacket/shrug
Though knitted of Seitsemän Veljestä, which by now is notorious of turning not-so-good-looking, this shruggish jacket is still looking good. This is no surprise, after all: since the knitting is from the last century, so is the yarn. Back at those days Seitsemän Veljestä was a yarn with nice quality.

I’m especially proud of this so-called jacket. Unfortunately the way it was made is hidden into the dark color: first I knitted the V-shaped back with pie crust shapes, then the V-shaped front panels. After that I knitted sleeves starting from the wrist and shaped the upper parts to make the rest of the back and fronts. Added some ribbing on the waist and knitted shawl-type collar and panels for buttons. This garment never looked good buttoned up, but I haven’t bothered to take the buttons off. After all, I never wear this in public.

black jacket/shrug closeup

Item #3b is a pullover of the same yarn. The neckline is too tight, so it’s hard to slip it on. It’s a bit shortish, and the sleeves are too short and too tight according to my current taste in pullovers. It’s also so black… I’ve thought of re-knitting the neckline with a different color and adding some colourful centimetres to sleeves and hem. On the other hand, I use this pullover only if I need extra warmth when exercising, so I’ve let it be. After all, I never wear this in public.