The best sweater ever (pinks, part 2)

I have my suspicions what comes to bulky yarn and thick needles. I had bought eight skeins of pink Novita Saana (100% wool) from sale a few years back, and I had a pullover in mind. But the perfect pattern?

There it was, in Hold your needles by Tikru and Villapeikko. Pattern called Paju (Ravelry link) by Tikru looked appealing to me, and since the yarn weight was a close-enough match, there was no need to look any further. (Ravelry link to my Paju)

Paju on needles

It was a rather quick and easy project to knit. Reading the errata available in Ravelry is a good idea, though. (Of course I first struggled and only then went to Ravelry to look for help.)


My choise for the needles were 5,5 mm (the suggested needle-size for the yarn is 6 mm). Above the waist, I knitted the leaf-pattern for one extra time, to make sure that the waist decreases were to land on my waist and not above.


The yarn was so thick that I split the ends in two before weaving them in. That way the ends are perfectly invisible.

I knitted the (turtle)neck until I was running out of yarn. I had left quite long ends for sewing the underarms, but that was no exaggeration: to make the stitches in the underarms nice and tight I had to use every bit of yarn I had. But as they say: if there was enough, then there was enough.


I had my suspicions on how this sweater would turn out. I’m happy to say that it turned out perfect. The size I chose was perfect, the colour is perfect, the pattern was fun (and quick!) to knit and it looks light and it’s a dream to wear.

Now I’m just asking: how long until the chilly weather?


(Do note the background. During the photoshoot there was heavy rain. Thank goodness for verandahs.)