Pink(ish) for summer and winter

I’m rather true to myself in choosing colours. I had an old, old yarn Rondo Pinja (35 % cotton, 48 % acetate, 11 % acrylic, 6 % polyester) by Helsingin Villakehräämö Oy/Rondo. I assume that the yarn is from the 1990’s or perhaps even older than that.

Pinkish for summer

(Please, ignore my serious trouble trying to keep my eyes open. Blame it on the sun.)

Began this project in June 2008 (Ravelry link). The yarn was hidious to knit (needle size 5), but I just love the bulky texture with pink, purple and gray stripes on white.

Pinkish for summer

Had difficulty first picking out the pattern, figuring out the right shape for the sleeves and finally figuring out the neckline.

The sweater is knit in stockinette stitch, with a touch of lace on sleeves, hem and neckline. Could have given the sweater some more shape around the waist, but the yarn was rather unpredictable.

Pinkish for summer

I finished the sweater in 2009, but only managed to weave in the ends last summer (no news). Today I finally wore it for the first time, apart from the photo shoot.


My all-time favourite shade of Nalle Colori (75% wool, 25% nylon) is definitely the one with pink and grey.

Earlier, I had knit a wine-coloured sweater with V-shaped neckline and simple stockinette and lace texture. I’ve worn that sweater so much, though it turned out to be too loose and over the years it has lost all it’s shape.

Therefore I decided to make another, but perhaps a bit more fitting one, of my favourite colours (Ravelry link).

Pinkish for winter

Well, I might have gone a bit overboard with trying to make the pattern fit better. On the other hand, if this sweater does the same as the one before, this will be more or less loose in no time.

A little bit of extra length would have not hurt, though – I tend to like my sweaters a bit longer than this.

Pinkish for winter

Began the project in November 2010 and knitted it every once in a while, making slow progress. Finally took up sewing the seams a week ago. Yes, why hurry?

Pinkish for winter

Two more pink projects to present. Stay tuned!