Fabric, yarn, beads and sequins

I have been into handicraft of all sorts since my childhood. As a kid knitting and crochet became familiar, as well as embroidery and cross-stitching. Later on I took up sewing, and at some point I sewed a huge portion of my clothes.

In university, oriental dance entered my life, and along with it came the sequins. Oriental dance costumes are decorated with sequins, and I found sewing them by hand both fairly fast and rewarding. (Yes, I know that most of the people wouldn’t describe sewing sequins as ‘fast’, but it is fast compared to embroidery, for instance.)

A few years back, somewhere around the end of year 2004, I finally realized that one can make jewellery herself. Within a couple of years I was totally hooked with beads, chrystals, semi-precious stones and silver.


So what to expect from this blog?

The plan is to introduce handicraft both from my personal and business fields. There will be

  • sewing – most of them for myself and kids, but occasionally there will be some garments and accessories for sale, too
  • knitting – there are always a few UFOs
  • dance costumes – either folk-style or fancier costumes decoreated with beads and sequins
  • jewellery – some made for me, most made for sale
  • and other FOs and UFOs which somehow relate to handicraft

The plan is to present both newly made items as well as favourites (and disasters?) from previous years. Hopefully over the years this will become an archive of handicraft items I’ve made.