Oldies, part 1: ancient dance costumes

Time to present my dance costumes. We’ll take off with the oldest ones, that is, pre-teaching.

This will be a sort list (both photos were taken in 2002).

First my pink balady dress from 1997, decorated with string of silver sequins.

pink balady dress

Dark red glittering galabeya with saidi sleeves, underneat wide silvery harem-type pants from 1997.

red saidi galabeya and silver harem pants

The latter has been renewed into a more fashionable dress. The process is presented in its own blog post.

Oldies, part 5: up to date with knitting

I joined Ravelry just over a year ago. What a wonderland that is! I follow several knitters who are inventive and creative (and knittaholics, judged by the number of the projects they’ve completed), and thanks to them I’ve found a lot of interesting patterns and ideas.

Since I joined Ravelry, I’ve kept a track of my projects there. So far I’ve completed, I mean really completed, only a few garments. The number of UFO’s is extensive, though.

To complete my knitted oldies collection, I’ll present you the FO’s of last year, few in number. May I present: caps with cables.


At christmas I was inspired by Novita Stone, 100% wool yarn. I bought three skeins, one of each color available, and decided to knit caps for kids. Decided on cables, since they are fun to knit.

The first cap was hidious to make. Took me a few tries to find the right amount of stitches to make the cap fit nicely. Once I reached the point to make decreases, I faced the knit-and-rip-syndrome again. After several attempts I managed to make the decreases nicely, and the outcome was all worth it.

brown cable cap

Once the first one was made, the other two were easy – even though I made the cables different.

white cable cap

The caps were in active use until weather turned too warm for wool.

grey cable cap


Saw Habibat in many blogs and all around Ravelry. Loved it, bought the pattern, pondered over yarn and decided on Novita Wool (100% wool) doubled.


It was a fun project to knit, though all the cables required quite a bit of attention. In the future I’ll make some more Habitats.



The final cable cap was a disaster. Made out of Novita Nalle, it turned out too sloppy and big and all. Didn’t want it to be to tight, but the outcome was ridiculous. After the first time worn when skiing the cap was way too big. Perhaps it’s the yarn, perhaps the cables used, but this was hidious.

pink cable cap

Perhaps I’ll try to felt this a bit. As it is, it is not practical.


Next in knitting, moving on to projects at hand. But there are still more oldies to come: plenty of sewing, dance costumes and jewellery.

Oldies, part 4: somewhat recent knitted items

In 2006 I looked into my yarn storage and had an inspiration.

I selected wine red Novita Nalle from my stash, a yarn, which I had bought several years earlier. There was a nice pattern of wrap-over jacket in Suuri Käsityölehti, except that I didn’t want to make a wrap-over jacket. So I picked up the lace pattern and the cable neckline of the original pattern and turned it into a pullover.

Since I’m hard to satisfy, there are number of things I should have made differently. Sleeves are too long and the body of the pullover would look better if a bit smaller or if I’d shaped it around the waist. The small cable in the mid-front is too narrow (well, in the original pattern it was used around the edges, and I just adapted it without a second thought).

wine lace sweater with a cable

The neckline, however turned out nice, though perhaps just a bit too low. The part of the cable round the back of the neck was continued from the front cables and attached to the back. It took me three versions before it was the right size, but it was worth the trouble.

wine lace sweater with a cable


Once I got going, I continued with a simple tunic from Novita Samos. The yarn is soft and nice to knit, and I like the inconsistent patterns the yarn makes.

Well, that’s about it, what comes to the things I like about this piece. I knitted this on the basis of a pattern in Moda, but heavily modified it. I loved the short cable at the bottom of the V-neckline in the original, but made out of this yarn, it didn’t turn out as lovely.

rose and white sweater

I made the sleeves wider, but I also knitted them too long. The body part of the tunic should have been shaped or smaller, now it looks like a sac. And the neckline is just a bit too low, so that I should either wear something underneath or carefully choose my underwear. Made small V-shaping in the neck, too, and that makes the sleeves drop from shoulders and therefore even longer. And the edge of the neckline tends to roll inwards. Blocking didn’t help at all.

rose and white sweater

rose and white sweater

As a conclution: there’s not much good in this tunic. It would require heavy reknitting to make it look the way I wanted. Perhaps I’ll do it over again some day, but right now I’ll keep it the way it is for the future reference.

Oldies, part 3: semi-ancient knitting history

Moving into this century. My inspiration to knit has varied over the years. Knitted some when in uni, but the years when the kids were babies and toddlers were not productive in knitting field. I knitted a few pairs of baby-size socks, and some mittens. But knitting when you couldn’t leave needles out in the open was somewhat frustrating.

There’s one knitted item I made in 2001, a tiny lace jacket. The pattern was in Finnish magazine Moda, I think. Yarn: Novita Cottonella, 54% cotton, 46% acrylic.

lace jacket for a kid

lace jacket for a kid

Oldies, part 2: ancient knitting and crochet

Now introducing some cotton.

This pink sweater is very pink, piggish color, I’d say. I’ve taken it into heavy use lately, though it’s nowhere near my favourite shade of pink. Also I’ve not any nice things to say about the shape of this sweater. I definitely do not like the neckline (small O’s not my thing). The sweater is too wide and too short. Sleeves are too short and I so detest the ribbing.

pink sweater

And yet, I’ve worn this a lot lately. It must be the lace pattern I picked up from some knitting book, it looks great.

pink sweater closeup


Let’s have a side step into the world of crochet. I seldom find a reason to crochet, but there are a few crocheted items I’d like to share.

I made this sleeveless tunic some 20 years ago. The pattern in the shirt is actually taken from a crochet curtains, which were popular in 80’s. The shape is very simple, just two rectangulars sewn together. I loved this garment and still do like the idea, though I cannot picture myself wearing it anymore.

At the age of eleven, I think, I crocheted a table cloth as a Mother’s Day present. It was made of rectangulars which had a spiral in them. I liked the pattern so much I wanted to crochet one for myself during the 90’s. I love the cloth, but as expected, it has been out once or twice during these years. I think I had an overdose of crochet table cloths during my childhood.

(photos will come up later)

Oldies, part 1: ancient knitting history

Since I have been practising handicraft since childhood, there are numerous handicrafted entities from the previous years. First I’ll give you a showcase of my ancient history: some knitted items from last century (literally).

Item #1, a thick white sweater from 80’s. Knitted with size 7 or 8 needles, so made quickly. First version of raglans were hidious, and the second version – I think I re-made it in early 90’s – ended up too narrow. Yet, despite of it all, I have worn this sweater so often during the last few years that it’s turning gray.

white sweater

Item #1b, a purple long sweater (or should I call it a tunic?) of the same yarn, knitted halfway through 80’s, I think. This one was missing from my photo session, because it was carefully packed away somewhere.


Item #2, a retro style crochet shawl with fringes. I remember my mom crocheting a number of these in late 70’s or early 80’s. I crocheted mine in early 90’s, and I wasn’t all that sure then whether it was too retro or not, especially with the fringes and all. These days I think it’s cute, though the pale color makes it more of a summer shawl.

crochet shawl

Item #2b, a top of the same yarn. Found the lace pattern of the so-called collar from a magazine, but the rest was improvised. Never ever wore this one, because the V-shape of the hem was so impractical. Haven’t ripped it, either – after all, it’s a sight to see on it’s own.

crochet shawl
crochet shawl


Item #3, black shrug. Well, I knitted it as a short jacket of some kind, but I never wore it as such. It was buried into my closet for years, but lately, within a couple of years, I digged it up and realized it made a perfect shrug. It’s short, I seldom wear it buttoned up and it’s warm and comfy.

black jacket/shrug
Though knitted of Seitsemän Veljestä, which by now is notorious of turning not-so-good-looking, this shruggish jacket is still looking good. This is no surprise, after all: since the knitting is from the last century, so is the yarn. Back at those days Seitsemän Veljestä was a yarn with nice quality.

I’m especially proud of this so-called jacket. Unfortunately the way it was made is hidden into the dark color: first I knitted the V-shaped back with pie crust shapes, then the V-shaped front panels. After that I knitted sleeves starting from the wrist and shaped the upper parts to make the rest of the back and fronts. Added some ribbing on the waist and knitted shawl-type collar and panels for buttons. This garment never looked good buttoned up, but I haven’t bothered to take the buttons off. After all, I never wear this in public.

black jacket/shrug closeup

Item #3b is a pullover of the same yarn. The neckline is too tight, so it’s hard to slip it on. It’s a bit shortish, and the sleeves are too short and too tight according to my current taste in pullovers. It’s also so black… I’ve thought of re-knitting the neckline with a different color and adding some colourful centimetres to sleeves and hem. On the other hand, I use this pullover only if I need extra warmth when exercising, so I’ve let it be. After all, I never wear this in public.