It’s Christmas time!

The week before Christmas have been busy, as tradition goes. A number of FO’s – some knitted, some sewn, some jewellery – but no time to present them. Hopefully the holidays will give me a chance to take some photos.

My Christmas card this year says, roughly translated: “Come with haste, Christmas of gold; do arrive, the year serene.”

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a lot of FO’s for the New Year.

Christmas card 2009

95% syndrome

I have a 95% syndrome. You can see it in my Ravelry account: nothing ever gets finished, they are all stuck at 95%.

I declare the projects 95% ready, when I’ve finished knitting, but I haven’t weaved in the ends. Once the ends are weaved (and preferably also the item has been soaked and dried) I’m ready call them 100% ready.

Apparently once in a blue moon.


At the moment there are eight projects at 95%:

  • Sagittaria, which was otherwise ready a year ago
  • two pairs of wrist warmers, which I knitted last autumn
  • a headband made last spring
  • a summer pullover, which I started a couple of years ago and got to this point at the end of this summer
  • Vaapukka tunic for a kid, started at the end of July 2009 and finished a few weeks later – this one has even been soaked, but it’s just a pain to weave in the ends
  • Sunday Swing socks, knitted in August
  • Haruha wrist warmers, knitted in August
  • Clapotis, which I’ve just finished knitting

I really really really need to start finishing these off.

Who’s who?

One more thing before we finally move on to business. Who am I?

If you are into jewellery and master Finnish, you can find me in Helmetti where I go by the flowery nick Cattleya.

If your interests lie in knitting or crochet, there is a chance we might have met in Ravelry. There I answer to the name Karpalo, which is Finnish for cranberry.

In Twitter most of the needlework tweets go to my account @moodcrimson. And that’s about it, when it comes to handicraft, Internet and me. Let’s get this show on the road.